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A simple flash tycoon game about accumulating wealth by means of water.

This is my  submission for the 2 day Charity Game Jam, Ripples of Change. It's a great initiative, check it out!

I wanted to make a point about people being too focused solely on material gain, and instead should focus on gaining experiences and memories with others; things that lie in the heart and don't have a physical form.


Hold 1~6 to buy things faster. (But don't use the numpad, it doesn't work.)

In terms of gamedev, I got about 90% of what I wanted in terms of features. It is still in a 'completed' and playable state, which is great accomplishment for me. I'll be sealing this game in its current state, and won't update it.

Music credits: Rolling in 5 by Kevin Macleod. <- He is the best source of background music, plus it is royalty free!

Made in Flash using AS3, FlashDevelop, Flixel and MSPaint.